Norwegian Lundehund

Norwegian Lundehund, also commonly known as Puffin dog, is a small hound which originates from Norway. As it name suggests, lunde means puffin and hund means dog. This little dog breed was originally trained for pursuing puffins together with their eggs. These breed was originally kept by Vikings who used them as agile hunters.


Norwegian Lundehund originally emanated on the islands of arctic Norway. It was used in hunting of live puffin birds from crevices of steep cliffs. The breed has been described in some writings of as old as 1500! When puffin birds became an endangered species in 1980, the dogs became useless and their numbers fell.

After World War II, Lundehund almost became extinct but were saved, thanks to efforts from two Norwegian friends. But even today, their numbers are still limited.


It is a small, rectangular – shape Spitz kind of dog. It has great flexible joints which gives it the capability to go through narrow passages. They are commonly known to have double dewclaws on their feet. They are able to turn their forelegs sideways up to 90 degrees almost like humans. They are also able to bend their heads backwards along their spines. They have upright pricked ears which can be turned forward, left, right or backwards at will. Their flexible ears can be folded in any direction. They are polydactyl, normally dogs have four toes per foot, but, Norwegian Lundehund have six toes! They have a dense and rough outer coat, underneath lies a soft undercoat. Unluckily, Lundehund have serious digestive conditions which make it hard for them to absorb nutrients from foods and this shortens their life. Read more about dog food brands suitable for your pup.

Today, Lundehunds are royal playful companions. The dogs are friendly and you can enjoy their company. They have a superior personality, which makes them an easy pet to live with. Their coats require minimum upkeep.

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